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  • 201812Month18Day
    Riverside business district and the central green axis15A project collective housing starts。
  • 201812Month18Day
    Group enterprise culture construction achievements to the ground。
  • 201812In the middle of month
    Design optimization results of riverside city business district。
  • 201812Month18Day
    Riverside business district、The central green shaft block15An item set housing starts。
  • 201811Month9Day
    Civic center and homes built putting-in-service proactively wenzhou people all over the world。
  • 201810Month1-8Day
    “To build a big beauty To share together”The success of the series of activities。
  • 201810Month1Day
    The oujiang river and the central green axis along the annual key putting-in-service proactively the completion of the project。
  • 20189Month19Day
    Wenzhou moral hall official opening。
  • 20188Month17Day
    Group to carry out the crucial key projects“Than learning catch up”Activities。
  • 20187Month6Day
    96345Party member volunteer service center renovation through the completion inspection and acceptance。
  • 20186Month29Day
    Group to carry out“The flags at the site”Series of activities。
  • 20183Month
    Integrated optimization group of institutions,Integrate the class unit on group restructuring。
  • 201712Month31Day
    Ningbo road phase ii main road all fronts。
  • 201712Month26Day
    Peach blossom island district riverside business districtT01-06BLand transfer success。
  • 201712Month1Day
    On steep pu park door issue(The west end)Project through completion inspection and acceptance。
  • 201710Month27Day
    Ring, flood discharge channel exhibition road phase ii project of the first year city-level demonstration site。
  • 201710Month25Day
    Group comprehensive archives as provincial excellent and provincial archives management demonstration unit of digital archives。
  • 201710Month19Day
    The first large southern of environment-friendly built to enable the comprehensive maintenance base。
  • 20179Month29Day
    The central green axis combined land transfer success。
  • 20179Month8Day
    Century park night scene illumination design“Di·Ravaged award”The national finals the silver medal of urban landscape、The best popularity award of urban landscape。
  • 20177Month6Day
    Group meeting“To build a big beauty”Specific work deployment。
  • 20171Month16Day
    Group2016The annual honor outstanding corporate issuer。